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1. Respect your fellow members. This includes not insulting, harassing, or otherwise being deliberately cruel to any other member. If you want to leave criticism, please make it constructive and helpful.

2. Respect the team members. This includes not disputing choices made with the team in public, insulting the team or any of its members, or deliberately provoking the team into action for the sole purpose of complaining. The team members are not paid workers; they volunteer their time, so please keep this in mind. If there is an issue with a team action, you can address your issue by sending a Private Message to an administrator.

3. No inappropriate post content. This includes pornography, (particularly in areas where it is illegal to view or distribute pornography), no advertising, and no discriminatory language or attacks. Discriminatory material includes racial- or gender-based slurs, attacks against another member based on race, religion, gender, age, political opinions, or sexuality.

4. If you are under 18, or in an area where it is illegal for you to read sexually explicit writings, please stay out of the “Over 18 Only” poetry forum.

5. No spamming. This means multiple posts, multiple private messages, or private messages to multiple accounts all containing the same post content.

6. No posting content that another person holds a copyright of. If there is proof that you are not the creator of your post content, the post will be removed, and you will face consequences up to and including banning.

7. We are not held responsible for any quotes or any other forms of writing which belong to other companies or persons which are posted without permission or originator's name, therefore you post at your own risk and all legalities fall on you as the member if you are breaking state law.

Please Note: Drytear, its team, team members, and owner are in no way responsible for content posted by members of Drytear. Any content posted on these forums is the sole responsibility of the poster.

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In the eyes of the forsaken soul, silly hearts of tomorrow seem to have been damned for eternity.
Never will they have the chance to taste the putrid grime of reality, only the sweet nectar of death.
Yet ignorance is bliss, their eyes should be left closed for if their simple minds even caught a glimpse, a glimpse of the truth, they would break down the door of insanity, creating chaos, and chasing the horizon of self destruction. Now the souls that have been forsaken, due to their enlightenment, have learned to dwell in this barren land of loneliness. Still at times they grow weak, their frail bodies slowly bend under the horrible burden of truth.
On rare occasions they betray themselves yearning to be in touch with anyone else, and though this may amount to nothing, it may also destroy their individuality. Those who do survive, live always facing the trials of time.
Their only reward is to realize the essence of immortality.
They are the keepers of reality, reality seen through the minds eye, and there is but one place they may gather to unite and draw strength from one another, sharing their pains, joys, hopes and dreams, through a language common to them all, poetry.
That place is here,!
© 2004
Antonio Hurtado
-------------------------------- formally known as, and
Drytear Established since Nov 11, 2000